U-MARQ GEM-TX is the most affordable small 3 axis engraving machines available.

U-MARQ GEM-TX5 is great for pet tag engraving.

GEM-TX engraver has a flat engraving area of 160mm x 75mm with self-centering vise.

U-MARQ GEM-TX engraver is the fastest and easiest general compact 3-axis mechanical engraving machine in the world to suit any budget. The GEM-TX comes with self-centering vise and jigs for holding a wide variety of items. The high-speed spindle motor enables you to burnish in coated metals as well as engraving in plastics. Easy to use controls and software enables anyone to engrave to a professional standard after just a short introduction. 

The GEM-TX5 engraver is ideal for engraving Pet Tags quickly and efficiently with templates for all U-MARQ Pet Tags, (much higher quality than most) and many other makes.With the GEM-TX engraver you can engrave any type of graphic images and logos on almost any tag.

The wide range of push-fit jigs quickly clamp any item, including; scrolls, medals, cufflinks, watches, trophy plates, pet and ID tags, rings, bracelets, clocks, pendants, baby gifts, key fobs, lighters, decanter labels, photo frames, hip flasks, business card holders, laminate signs, badges, labels, brass plates and other items. With unique pressure settings, even fine gold lockets can be engraved without fear of damage.

U-MARQ GEM-TX5 brochure.The ultimate small 3 axis engraving machine, at the right price.

 U-MARQ GEM-TX5 details and ordering information.