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Product ID EM-00201

GEM-FX5 Engraving Machine

Price: $7,995.00

GEM-FX5 is the ultimate and unchallenged small footprint professional three axes engraving system. It can cope with most industrial marking tasks, labels, switch sockets, tags, tools; identification plates the GEM-FX5 can handle them all with speed and precision. With a generous engraving area of 265 x 205 mm (10.4" x 8"), engraving speeds of up to 133 mm/sec (diamond drag), no task is too demanding. Type the text or import logo or image into the easy to use U-MARQ FX engraving software, insert the item into the machine, the GEM-FX5 then engraves the object in just a few seconds. Equipped with the state-of-the-art GEM-FX5 control system, and connects to a standard PC or laptop. Anyone can engrave gifts, jewelry, name plates and industrial items to a professional standard, after just a short introduction to the machine. The uncluttered design combined with the mechanical stability, enables easy engraving of large or small items. All this on the same system, which seconds later can be engraving lettering only a fraction of a centimeter high on delicate jewelry.

Engraving Applications
Military Badges, Dress Name Tags, Name Plates, Parts Marking, Asset Management, Parts Serialization, ADA Braille, Signs, Parts Fabrication, Military Plaques, Trophies, Medals, Awards, Control & Electric Panels, Firearms serialization, Government Engraving and much more!

Perfect Engraving
U-MARQ GEM-FX5 Engraving Machine, can engrave jewelry, tags, labels and many other types of materials. For the jeweler the GEM-FX5 can also be used to cut out names and shapes in gold, silver and copper sheet material.

Center Vise Engraving
Using the optional Center Vise, standard Jigs and Jig Pins, turns the GEM-FX5 engraver into an exceptionally fast and efficient gift and jewelry engraver. All U-MARQ jigs will fit the Center Vise option to allow you to engrave identity bracelets, watch backs, medals, key rings, card cases and much more!

Pet Tag Engraving
The GEM-FX5 engraver  is ideal for engraving Pet Tags quickly and efficiently . Why be restricted to text, with the GEM-FX5 engraver you can engrave any type of graphic images and logos. Its only limit is your imagination.

Industrial Engraving
Labels, switch sockets, tags, tools, identification plates and more. The GEM-FX5 can handle them all with speed and precision. With a generous engraving area of 10.4” x 8”, and engraving speeds up to 133mm/sec (diamond drag), no task is too demanding