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Product ID EM-00200

GEM-RX5 Engraving Machine

Price: $7,995.00

The Perfect Small Retail Engraving Machine

GEM-RX5 engraver with newly designed controller electronics, faster CPU, support for USB 2, more efficient drives (using less current), completely re-written firmware and more efficient drivers is the perfect engraving machine to start or grow your business. Re-designed cylindrical drive provides more power and accuracy. New pre-loaded linear rails for longer life!

With a flat engraving area of 160mm x 75mm and 50mm cylindrical capacity and self-centering vice, GEM-RX5 engraver is perfect for dealing with individual items or production runs. U-MARQ GEM-RX5 engraver is the fastest and easiest gift and jewelry, 4-axes mechanical engraver in the world. GEM-RX5 engraver comes with self-centering engraving vice, and engraving jigs for holding a wide variety of merchandise (trophy plates, lighters, hand bag mirrors, pet tags etc.). With the cylindrical axis you are able to engrave 360° around a pen or mini flashlight. The high-speed spindle motor enables you to burnish in coated metals as well as deep engrave into plastics and metals. Ease of use enables everyone to engrave gifts, rings and jewelry to a professional standard, after just a short introduction to the GEM-RX5 engraver. GEM-RX engraving software has been configured to make this normally complicated task, easy for anyone to get spectacular results.

Pen Engraving
One of the challenges for a traditional 3-axis engraving machine is how to engrave a pen, or other round objects. The U-MARQ GEM-RX5 engraver offers the perfect answer, by using true 4-axis functionality; it will engrave 360 degrees around a pen or other small cylindrical objects. The GEM RX engraving software has been configured to make this normally complicated task, quick and easy.
Pet Tag Engraving

The GEM-RX5 engraver is ideal for engraving Pet Tags quickly and efficiently with templates for all U-MARQ Glitter Pet Tags, (much higher quality than most) and other makes. Why be restricted to text, with the GEM-RX5 engraver you can engrave any type of graphic image or logo.

Inside/Outside Ring engraving
By fitting the U-MARQ optional Inside/Outside Ring Engraving attachment, your GEM-RX5 engraver is turned into a fully featured jewelry engraving center with virtually no limits. At last the perfect engraving machine for the retail jeweler, to offer in house engraving services to the customer. 

Engraving Jigs
The wide range of push-fit engraving jigs quickly clamp any item, including; scrolls, medals, cuff links, watches, trophy plates, pet and ID tags, rings, bracelets, clocks, pendants, baby gifts, key fobs, lighters, decanter labels, photo frames, hip flasks, business card holders, laminate signs, badges, labels, brass plates and other items. With unique pressure settings, even fine gold lockets can be engraved without fear of damaging them.